A Night to Myself

I had this really weird experience last night where I encouraged Yev to go see a movie for his own self-care, but I ended up benefiting from some alone time too. I was initially a little concerned about Yev being gone for the nighttime routine. I can obviously do it by myself, but at the end of the week, wrangling three kids to bed is not something that most moms would be ecstatic about. 

It can sometimes be difficult to coordinate the different schedules, especially if the kids are being fussy, but last night it worked out great! Baby V went down without trouble, and the girls’ shrieks of laughter didn’t wake her up. And then the twins didn’t give me too much trouble either. 

I checked the clock; it was 8:45pm. I had the house to myself, and it was only 8:45! Did I use this opportunity to get some much needed extra sleep? Heck no! I immediately lit a candle and took a shower. This is my absolutely favorite thing to do at the end of the night. I would take a bath in one of those gigantic whirlpool jet tubs, but alas, we don’t have one. So shower it is!

Then I actually spent time on my night time routine: floss, brush teeth, brush hair, moisturize. These activities are always rushed, but last night I could take as long as I wanted. 

I lingered around the house, tidying up here and there, and made myself some tea. Then I crawled into bed around 10, with my Shrek-sized-cup of Earl Grey, to pay bills and start writing. It was honestly wonderful. I feel like I am constantly overloaded and overstimulated, but last night my house was quiet, blissfully quiet.

Yev came home, concerned I was going to be super stressed, but I told him I need to kick him out of the house more often! 

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