Infused with Hope

I have been absolutely floored by the kind words I’ve received from my blog readers and Instagram viewers. So much in fact, that I’ve been inspired to reach out to other bloggers whose work resonates with me. I’ve emailed a couple of mom bloggers, and although they did not respond, I felt lighter knowing I had shared my gratitude; however, I was quite surprised at the result of emailing one of my favorite authors.

Recently, I finished a book series that I began almost 20 years ago. I didn’t know that the trilogy had turned into a nine part series, until my friend emailed me asking if I had read the books. I immediately hopped on Amazon and bought all 4,000 pages! I finished the series in less than two weeks, and they only took me that long because I was waiting for some in the mail. I probably would have powered through them in less than a week, if it had been up to me. I still have no idea how I did this; I think I just didn’t sleep 🤦‍♀️.

These books were such an important part of my adolescence, and although reading them as an adult has made me realize how wildly inappropriate they were for my 12 year old self, it has also shown me the impact these characters have had on my life. There are many stories of epic love, but few continue to resonate with you as you mature. Few characters remain your lifelong companions. Rereading these stories as an adult was like having tea with an old friend with whom I had lost touch, but my heart still remembered.

Not only did I have an opportunity to work through the layers of the characters, but I was granted the gift of a satisfying ending. When was the last time you read a book and felt satiated by the resolution? While reading the final pages, I have never cried so much and been so delighted about it. I was sitting at the kitchen table, while Yev cooked stir fry, turning my face to hide my tears. I was enraptured and could barely pull it together for dinner.

What would you do in this instance? Considering my new habit of writing other writers, I sent this author an email, and you’ll never guess what happened. She actually wrote me back. I was so flustered I could barely talk. I kept rambling to Yev. Omg omg omg omg omg omg. Since Yev didn’t seem nearly excited enough, I hopped on Instagram to post a video about it.

I’m still in shock when I think about it, but I have found a lot of validation from this little email, some measure of proof that my product has value.

How would you feel if you contacted someone you admired, and she took the time to respond? You’ll never know unless you send the email, make the phone call, say the words. Reach out and connect with people you look up to. You may be surprised who responds.

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