Editorial Services

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Let me challenge your manuscript before your reader does.

I’m a romance specialist. I offer all three edits: developmental, line/copy, and proofreading. With 20 years of experience, I’m meticulous, thorough, and fast. I offer a complementary zoom to meet me and see if we’re a good fit.

Developmental Edits
  • I look at character motivation, development, and relationships. I analyze pacing, plot holes, and story arcs. I identify where to trim non-essential threads and increase sensory detail, including how to maximize chapter openings and endings. I will offer a quick overview of what revisions to expect in the line/copy edit. 
  • I provide an in-depth look into your manuscript leaving detailed, in-text comments, first impressions, questions, and suggested revisions, as well as a thematic analysis of your work as a whole.
  • I offer a collaborative zoom to review any of my comments/questions as well as brainstorm solutions to potential inconsistencies or concerns.
Line/Copy Edits
  • I suggest revisions directly on the page via google docs.
  • I look at grammar, syntax, diction, punctuation, active/passive voice, adverbs, filter words, spelling, etc.
  • I review the manuscript with meticulous eyes to catch any final errors before publication.
  • I charge a combined rate of $.06 per word for all three edits.
  • Each edit is broken into a milestone, so you can implement revisions before I begin the next phase.
  • I also offer a developmental analysis of outlines and chapter summaries with a collaborative zoom: $200 for novellas and $400 for full-length

I look forward to working with you!

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