I Need a Vacation from my Vacation

I spent a wonderful weekend away, but now I’m exhausted. My house looks like a hurricane ripped through it. I’m sitting here with yogurt stains on my pants, courtesy of baby V. The sickness that threatened my health last week, has claimed it this week. I’m a bit of a hot mess to be honest, but I wouldn’t change it.

We had a classic weekend of food, family, and fun, but I’m in need of a vacation from my vacation. My kids don’t care that I’m tired or sick. They’re also tired and sick and in need of lots of hugs and kisses.

Being a mom never stops, but if we’re lucky, we get a couple of breaks to recoup. My mom comes tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to take care of ourselves, especially when the whole family is sick. Thank God for grandparents 🙌.

Published by Jacqueline Pinchuk

♡ Enjoying life, one story at a time ♡ Wife to a gentle giant. Mama of four. Storyteller by trade ♡ Follow my blog to be a part of the adventure!

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