Christmas on my Mind

I know I’m WAY too early, but I’m already really excited about Christmas. And it’s not because of pumpkin spice. I mean, I LOVE pumpkin everything, but it can be hard to find gluten-free options that are yummy. 

I’m excited because I feel like the girls are finally getting old enough to do fun activities without breaking things, hurting themselves, or stressing me out too badly. I have two very mischievous little munchkins, and they take every single opportunity they have to drive me crazy. However, I feel like they’re chilling out a little bit and listening more.

So I think I get to have a tree this year for the first time since they were born. I even think they could help me decorate it. And don’t forget the obligatory Santa photos. Those might even happen this year! 

I didn’t realize how overwhelming having twins was, until I had my singleton. Baby V gave me some wonderful perspective into what parenting is like for most people. I started being a lot kinder with myself and giving myself permission to feel overwhelmed without guilt.

I’m also hoping to have the emotional energy to do the cute, fun things many moms enjoy doing with their kids, like special holiday clothes and crafts. I haven’t have the capacity to coordinate Christmas outfits or decorations, but thankfully my mom always helped us out there 

I’m excited because I think this year will be different. I might even be able to start establishing some traditions, like mulled wine (for the adults, obviously). How yummy does that sound??

What are some of the holiday traditions you’re looking forward to?

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