Bra is the New Fanny Pack

One of the hardest parts about having my second round of children is that it is impossible to get set up to feed without my toddler twins trying to take everything from me. When I feed baby V, I usually need a burping cloth, a swaddling cloth, a bottle, a pacifier, a toy, my cell phone, and the remote control. And don’t forget the baby! How am I supposed to juggle all of this while holding a baby and opening childproof gates without being able to put anything down? Well, I’ve literally started putting everything in my bra.

Yep! I’m a huge bralette fan, and there’s a surprising amount of room in there. So I stuff as much as I can in my bra, throw the swaddling cloth over my shoulder, and grab the baby with one arm while fiddling to open the gate with my other hand. And somewhere I have two bottles clanking together because I need to finish one before starting a new one.

All day my bra acquires new things I’m trying to keep out of the girls’ reach. I don’t wear clothes with a lot of pockets, so my bra has essentially become my fanny pack. This has become so commonplace, that I often forget I have stuffed things in my bra, until after yoga, when I take off my clothes to shower.

I have honestly found the following items in my bra, often worn throughout an entire yoga class without any idea!

  1. Pacifier
  2. Hair Clip
  3. Hair Tie
  4. Kids’ Nail Clippers
  5. Toy Car
  6. Cheerios & Goldfish (I never have any idea how they get there)

The funniest part is that I’ll often find several of these items at the same time, and I wonder, “How the heck did I take an hour and fifteen minute yoga class without noticing the nail clippers, pacifier, and hair clip in my bra??”

I’ve gotten to the point where I will literally stuff anything small ish into my bra to keep it from the girls, until I have a chance to take care of it properly. Unfortunately, we can be tired, forgetful, and distracted as moms. This means that I can go a whole day with a bunch of Desitin on my shirt and not even realize it. And it also means I might not find that pacifier I’ve been looking for until I’m getting ready for bed.

What are some of the odd things you do now that you have multiple kids?


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