Courage Over Fear

I’ve had a hard time sharing my manuscript with other people because I’m terrified that it’s terrible. Through processing this, I’ve realized that I’m actually worried that I wasted the last six months of my life writing something that won’t be published. But no one can decide if my time was wasted except for me.Continue reading “Courage Over Fear”

A Letter to My Gardener

Dear Gardener, I wish I could tell you how often we talk about you. You come up about every 15 minutes because your name has become synonymous with every loud and scary noise. Your name has given my daughter some nugget of understanding when something frightens her. Your name has become a coping skill. WheneverContinue reading “A Letter to My Gardener”

Active Shooter in My Hometown

Yesterday a gunman shot his ex-wife and attempted to take his own life at a mall I have frequented countless times. I grew up walking through those stores, eating at their restaurants, and attending many movies. There is even an indoor playground where I have taken my children. Around 2:15pm yesterday, police received a callContinue reading “Active Shooter in My Hometown”

Playground Predator?

I’m writing to you from the comfort of my room, where a gentle light illuminates my haven. My bed is soft, my tea is hot, and the day is almost over. All three kids are asleep, papa is gently snoring, and mama’s hour has begun. I have my earphones in; I’m listening to The CivilContinue reading “Playground Predator?”