Birds & the Bees

We had a birds & the bees talk today that culminated in one of my children exclaiming, “Papa’s a fish?!” 0 for Mama, 1 for Mother Nature. We decided to table that conversation. But talking to your kids about uncomfortable topics is hard. I’m trying to answer their questions, like why they don’t have aContinue reading “Birds & the Bees”

Love You Forever

I choked up reading the kids a story last night. It was one of those ones I enjoyed as a child but understood as a parent.  “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” You know what book I’m talking about. Love You Forever byContinue reading “Love You Forever”

A Good Investment

Have you ever had so much stress inside your body you felt you couldn’t breathe? Of course you have! You’re a mom!  The idea of Yev and me moving is becoming more of a reality with each day, and I feel like my sanity is crumbling as quickly as our dreams are actualizing.  I’ve neverContinue reading “A Good Investment”

A Covid Halloween

How did your Covid Halloween go? I thought we were going to end up home alone, but we got to participate in a block party 🙌. The kids paraded through the street, and neighbors lined up outside with candy-laden-tables. The kids pranced around in costumes, grabbing designated candy bags as they passed. Then we wentContinue reading “A Covid Halloween”

Out of Batteries

My friend recently told me, “I feel like I’m going to collapse, but the kids keep going.” Anyone else feel this way? These kids seem to have everlasting batteries and no off switch. How do they do it?? I would give anything to have one ounce of their energy. Some days I’m exhausted by likeContinue reading “Out of Batteries”

Good Enough

I had an epic post in mind for today. One that asked you to analyze the ways in which you give and receive love and how it affects your marriage. How do you navigate marital struggles when you and your spouse are not compatible in this way, and what does it mean for your marriage?Continue reading “Good Enough”

I Made a Different Choice

Today, I lost the battle. The juggling act of moms everywhere, attempting to accomplish an unlimited number of tasks in a limited amount of time. But when mom loses, who actually wins? It’s 4pm, and my groceries are still on the counter from the morning. Lunch is somehow on the floor of the living room.Continue reading “I Made a Different Choice”

Exactly Where I Want to Be

I’m in a moment of motherhood I truly enjoy. I’m absolutely loving my life as a stay-at-home mom, but this was not always true. Having three children in two years led to many frustrating and exhausting experiences, but I feel as if the girls are old enough now that days can pass at a timeContinue reading “Exactly Where I Want to Be”

Finding Gratitude in Grief

Today is the day I muster up the courage to tell you that I miscarried. It has been overwhelming, and to be honest, the idea of telling even one more person makes me want to cry. I feel as if every time I talk about it, I am moving backwards, sucked back into the pastContinue reading “Finding Gratitude in Grief”

Four Under Four

I have been sick for what feels like forever. I had that terrible virus that was going around town. I got it not only once but twice. I didn’t even know it was possible to give a virus to your family and get it back again. It was terrible. I seem to be fully recoveredContinue reading “Four Under Four”