The Perfect Meal

I made the perfect meal tonight! A meal where everyone ate at least a little bit of everything served, and it only took 30 mins. Stooooop it, right?! I promise it’s true! It all began by realizing at 3pm that I never put the chili in the crock pot 🤦‍♀️. I’d been craving cornbread muffins,Continue reading “The Perfect Meal”

10pm Tamale & Tea Time

I’ve acquired a new habit while writing. I can’t believe I’m only noticing it now. Most nights around ten o’clock, I make myself a cup of loose leaf Earl Grey tea and a microwaveable tamale. We eat dinner around 5:30, so by 10pm, I’m often hungry. And I’m not one of those people who canContinue reading “10pm Tamale & Tea Time”

The Power of the Belly

Yev has a super power that most of the Pinchuk men possess. They have this incredible ability to put babies to sleep, effortlessly. When I hand baby V to Yev to hold, I often have to tell him, “Don’t let her fall asleep. It’s not the right time.” And almost every time, he tells meContinue reading “The Power of the Belly”

Gluten-free Foods that are Delicious

Being gluten-free isn’t that hard, until you want to chomp on a piece of toast, chow down on some pizza, or twirl  your pasta with a fork. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite gluten-free substitutes and an additional list of naturally gluten-free food. GF Substitues Gluten-free buckwheat bread from Le Pain Quotidien: This isContinue reading “Gluten-free Foods that are Delicious”

9 Weird Things I Did When I Was Pregnant

Pregnancy is notorious for bringing out the oddest cravings and behaviors in women. Here are a few that I personally experienced, and I added a bonus section that includes some goodies from my friends and family. I would carry packs of Cinnamint Orbit gum with me everywhere to smell when I felt sick. It wasContinue reading “9 Weird Things I Did When I Was Pregnant”