Why do I need an Editor?

Have you just finished your first novel and you’re wondering what to do with it? Are you thinking of submitting to an agent or KDP (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing)?

There are several steps before your manuscript is ready for submission, and one of the most important is to find an editor. Although there are several types, each one provides a distinct and essential service. But why do you need me or any other editor?

Because we often can’t see our own mistakes. In life and in our manuscripts.

Editors hold up a mirror, a different perspective from which you can view your novel. They offer fresh eyes to help make it the best it can be.

Some people ask if family and friends can replace editors. Or if beta readers and critique partners can. They may be talented enough to spot mistakes, but are they experienced enough to offer clear and constructive feedback? Do they feel comfortable being honest?

It’s easy to criticize, but can they communicate? Being an editor involves more than an eagle eye, it involves a silver tongue. It’s an art form, especially if we want our clients to not feel ripped to shreds at the end.

But I’d like to know what you think down below! What have been your experiences with receiving feedback?

Published by Jacqueline Pinchuk

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