Covid Kids Back at School

After a year and a half of being home, my kids are finally back in school, and somehow, I’m more stressed out. It has been a rough transition for us from all day everyday with me, to most days with a teacher, but I think we’re finally finding our rhythm. Which means I finally have time to write 🙌.

This is my first year of having children in elementary school, and the uniforms and lunches and homework just bowled me over. My morning writing time evaporated in the race to get the kids up and out the door. And I just kind of melted away, as my writing time disintegrated.

This is the worst possible formula for me: increased stress levels with decreased writing time. I felt more anxiety this month than I’ve felt in a while, which is weird, because my kids were finally in school. My dream since Covid hit.

But most transitions are difficult. I had to find a new routine for my day, while my kids learned to adapt to a more structured environment with new teachers.

Did anyone else struggle? With their Covid kids back at school?

I felt a lot of failure this month. Like I failed my children for not preparing them, my husband for neglecting him, and myself for relinquishing my dream. Then I just kind of gave it up and leaned into the chaos, realizing that my anxiety helped absolutely nothing.

Because the calm will come. Equilibrium will be restored. And although I can’t see it, I can feel it coming our way.

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2 thoughts on “Covid Kids Back at School

  1. The next storm will always be waiting, life just happens that way. That’s what this wild and crazy life is all about. Go with the flow trust all your instincts and if something falls out of the plan learn to laugh a lot! You got this… I know you do❤️

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