Paid to Dream

I made money from my writing yesterday. I think for the first time. And it gave all the sacrifices value. The time spent away from my family. The early mornings, the late nights. I’ve written for years simply because of what it offered me emotionally, but yesterday it contributed to me financially. And it changed everything.

I was paid to dream.

Yesterday was a day filled with hope and possibility. A day where I continued to imagine what my future will look like. I felt light, as if my worries and burdens had evaporated, and all that was left was gratitude. A deep sense of gratitude for the ability to be paid for something I love.

So thank you for reading. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for loving me back. I have a few things in store for you 🤗. I’m working on a couple of projects I’ll hopefully be revealing in the next few weeks. Stay tuned ❤️

Published by Jacqueline Pinchuk

♡ Enjoying life, one story at a time ♡ Wife to a gentle giant. Mama of four. Storyteller by trade ♡ Follow my blog to be a part of the adventure!

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