You Have Another Parent!

I was tired. I was spent. I just had nothing left. So when we all sat down at the couch to watch a movie, and the mom questions pelted at me like arrows, I just kind of erupted. “You have another parent!”

Anyone else feel like the kids only want you, even if your spouse is in the room? I feel like Yev is the initial anomaly they enjoy interacting with because he’s working most of the day; however, as soon as the needs start rolling out, it’s back to 100% mom.

Need a cup of water? Mom. Need a snack? Mom. Why did Hermione kiss Ron? Mom.

I know that because my kids are with me most of the day, they are simply used to asking me for these things, but when I have help, I need them to take advantage of it. So when we’re all together, I’ve started replying with, “You have another parent.” Repeatedly, until they direct their question at Yev.

I feel like I’ve bypassed asking for help and just jumped straight into forcing it to happen. I’m maxed out most of the time because of Covid. Even though the girls are in preschool for a few weeks before summer, I’m still recovering from a year of them being home. The highs of that experience have been exceptional, but the lows have been nothing short of traumatizing.

So whenever Yev is in the room, I encourage the girls to go to him. Ask him for things. I remind them they have another parent. It not only gives me a much needed reprieve, but it also strengthens their relationship with him.

Have you had a similar experience?

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