Birds & the Bees

We had a birds & the bees talk today that culminated in one of my children exclaiming, “Papa’s a fish?!” 0 for Mama, 1 for Mother Nature. We decided to table that conversation.

But talking to your kids about uncomfortable topics is hard. I’m trying to answer their questions, like why they don’t have a brother. It started with sperm and ended with me refilling my wine glass. 

Any and all advice is welcome!

I once heard that it’s important to answer your children’s questions with the specificity in which they are asked. That way, simple questions receive simple answers, and more complex questions get the details. 

But dear God is it uncomfortable! 

Anyone else feel this way? Yev is really good with all this body stuff. Like the body is beautiful and nakedness is not a big deal. I’m basically a Puritan who is super modest and hates talking about bodily functions. I’ve gotten waaaaay better, but it’s still something I struggle with. 

I’ve been working really hard to answer their questions, like why certain parts of my body have hair when their’s don’t. I’ve broached the topic of puberty, which kind of went ok. But this is not a part of parenting I enjoy. 

Like potty training. I HATED potty training. But I’d much rather clean up poop than talk about this 😫.

Anyone else struggling?? Help!! And send reinforcements 😅.

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9 thoughts on “Birds & the Bees

  1. 🤣🤣🤣Great post! I did talk to my kids about the 🐦 & 🐝; & it went quite well. It actually felt like the most natural thing. I don’t remember if I blogged about it; or did a video on it. I’ll look for it & share it with you.

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    1. I got a couple really great pieces of advice :). 1. Keep it scientific, safe, and consensual 2. And when your children ask how something happens, ask them how they think it happens to get an idea of where they’re at. I’m always so worried about giving too much info before they’re ready. This made me feel much more comfortable with where to start and how detailed to make it.

      Also, if the kids ask me something I don’t know how to answer, I told them, “Can you remind me on [whatever day]? I want to do some research and/or ask Papa and get back to you.” Which was really just giving myself time to to figure out what to say.

      Once we actually sat down to talk about some things and look at some hand drawn images of the body, we barely got through one image before they wanted to know how another body part worked. And I just let them hop from topic to topic, and it went way better than I thought. They were easily distracted and soon enough it was time for a snack lol. All that stress for nothing 😂

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