Big News!!

Every time I disappear from social media, it’s because I have big news, and this is no different.

Yev and I moved to Idaho!! We bought a larger house on almost three acres. This is our backyard.

There have been a ton of pluses but also a few unexpected minuses. We wanted to have a rural feel without being too far from civilization. Unfortunately, a “rural feel” means we don’t have trash service or even postal service, until recently. When we went to ask where our mailbox was, USPS said they didn’t know our house existed 😂.

We also didn’t realize how steep our driveway was, so when we tried to drive up it in our Mazda, we 100% got stuck. Not a little bit. We got two-thirds of the way up and put the car in park before frantically shoveling in front and behind the car to turn around. We promptly bought a suburban that afternoon, and I’m loving our new car!

The kids will be back soon from their walk, so unfortunately I must sign off for now. But please expect many more updates. It has been a wild experience to change states with four kids, four and under. I look forward to telling you all about it.

And if any of you are thinking of moving to Idaho, please comment below. I would love to connect with you. Have a wonderful afternoon 😍.

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2 thoughts on “Big News!!

  1. When my son moved they had to buy a all wheel drive, they also live on a hill in Lewiston! I live where you moved it is beautiful! I visited this summer for a day and want to goback!!

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