Friends, Family, & Politics

How do political discussions go in your family? Do you and your spouse agree on almost everything? Or do you disagree so vehemently you can’t even talk about it?

Yev and I are somewhere in the middle, where we agree on a lot, but we can’t talk about politics for very long. Primarily because Yev is far more passionate about politics that I am. He tries really hard to listen to my point of view, but he gets so excited that our conversations quickly turn into lectures about someone called “Mama Jo” (yes my husband asked me to link her website 😂).

We’ve found our balance by talking about topics that are important without letting them overwhelm us. Politics can be so easy to go overboard on, and it can quickly turn into a divisive argument. 

How do you find your balance within your household or with your friends? We have some friends we agree with and some friends we don’t, but we do our best to respect our differences. We also have a rule that the boys aren’t allowed to discuss politics at Framily functions. It helps tremendously 🙌.

Do you tend to spend time with politically like minded people or with those who feel differently than you? I believe the goal of a political discussion should be growth. Are we learning from the other person? As opposed to listening just enough to shut them down. Most political discussions I’ve witnessed turn heated and vicious. Why are these discussions more about being right than about gaining perspective? Is “right” even an attainable achievement? I’ve personally never shouted my belief at someone and had it received well. What’s our goal? To be loud or to be heard, to be agreed with or to grow?

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