A Five Minute Conversation

Aren’t morning tantrums the worst, or is it just me? Add a newborn and a husband who has 6am meetings. Sometimes the sun isn’t even awake, and I’m already here [raises hand above 5’4” frame].

Yep, sometimes we board the struggle bus early in this fam, and I’m finding I’m not coping as well as I thought. I often don’t recognize emotional stress, until it has a physical manifestation. My threshold for emotional pain is borderline unhealthy, so I tend to not notice I’m stressed until my body starts reacting. And boy has it been reacting lately! I feel like my body is falling apart, which means my mental health is struggling too.

But I’m in a place right now where I can only do so much because of Covid. I’ve carved out a little time for myself in the morning and a little more at night, but I’m not exercising like I used to. I can’t take the kids out like I used to. I’m not seeing my friends like I used to. The most exciting thing I do every week is go to the grocery store (and Wine Wednesdays!).

Despite not being able to extensively change my situation, I’ve found that just talking about it helps. Just sharing with Yev that I was feeling overwhelmed somehow lightened my burden. I wasn’t alone in my suffering anymore. He shared some of his struggles and validated mine.

I’m not sure why this was mind-blowing for a previous therapist, but talking made me feel better! I thought I was venting enough to my girlfriends, but there’s something special about a spouse. When we’re on the same page, our house has an even foundation, and our lives feel balanced.

So please remember to speak to your significant other! Even though you may be together all day long, have you actually had a conversation about how you’re feeling? I’m always trying to talk to Yev as little as possible and to use my other outlets. I tend to overwhelm him, but in this instance I wasn’t talking to him enough (he may disagree with me 😂). But a 5 minute conversation changed the course of my emotions. I wonder what it could do for you.

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8 thoughts on “A Five Minute Conversation

  1. Yes!
    While I try to limit the amount I talk with my husband (because I tend to overshare and say things that represent emotions which will soon pass), I found recently that I needed to talk to him about something that was ABOUT him. He was laid off from his job of seventeen years in August and it’s been a whopper of a change for us. BOTH of us to adjust to. We had been trying to do it each alone but when we came together and discussed everything, it made us both feel better. 🙂 ❤
    Thanks for writing!

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    1. Yes! We have a lot of changes going on with my husband’s work. Good things, but still new things. And change stirs us up whether it’s good or bad. I was talking to everyone else except for him about it, but talking to him helped so much 🙌. Good to know I’m not the only one trying to talk less and leave my husband alone lol


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