Why I Disappeared

It’s been a while, but I’m back!

I took a little social media break, which I thought would be a few days. That turned into a few weeks, a few months, and now it’s been over a year since you’ve heard from me! And I’ve missed you! I’ve had so many lovely people reach out to me asking me how I’ve been, wondering where I’ve gone. And I have a few answers for you.

Let’s begin with me being the most terrible pregnant person ever! My whole life stops. I’m not one of those women who can power through nausea and pain. The exhaustion part is just another synonym for “motherhood,” but throwing up and sciatic spasms. No thanks! Trying to juggle my well-being and my responsibilities just becomes impossible. And I am only human. I think we need to remind ourselves of that. When we take on too much, it’s okay to set a boundary. It’s okay to take a break. 

Being pregnant and having children is such a special and difficult time in our lives. We recently added a new member to our family: Baby Willow 😍! But with two pregnancies back to back and the traumatizing loss of the first one, I was simply maxed out emotionally. Slap on a little COVID and voila! MommySync took a long nap, but Jacqueline Pinchuk, Author woke up.

Although you haven’t heard from me, I’ve still been writing. I wrote a romance novel and went through the querying process to find an agent, which if you don’t know is QUITE the task. I thought the hardest part of publishing a novel was writing the book. I laugh now at my naiveté. The publishing world is far harder to break into than I thought, but I’ve spent my time away learning how to move forward when I finish my next book.

In addition to pursuing other writing ventures, I simply needed to disconnect from the internet and plug into my family. I struggled to balance family life and work life. I was writing every spare minute I had, not realizing my family was missing part of me. My children wanted more of my attention, and my husband wanted more of my time. I hope to find the right balance this go around!

Balance is key with this whole social media thing. It can suck your soul out of your body one comment at a time. Posting on Instagram meant I was scrolling through Instagram. And scrolling, meant I was comparing. Social media brought out insecurities in me I didn’t even know I had. But I have also missed the creative outlet it offered. I’ve missed the relationships I could maintain online, while staying at home with all of my hooligans. I’ve missed you! And if you’re still interested in hearing from me, I’ll be here. Sharing a bit of my heart and a glimpse of my soul.

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