Naptime: The end of an era

I think the twins are losing their nap, and I am not ready. Recently people have been asking me, “Are they still napping?” To which I reply, “This ends?? I still nap!” Well, I think the time is near. They’ve been fighting their naps for a while, and now they make so much noise in their room, they’ve started waking baby V up! 

Yesterday was a particularly rough day where I was looking forward to the break more than usual. One of those really horrible days where you’ve already cried before lunch. I didn’t get to eat a single meal yesterday that was warm, and I had to reheat my tea so many times, I finally threw it out. The girls seemed to be fighting worse than usual, and baby V’s teething was getting the best of everyone. Of all the days I needed the kids to nap, it was yesterday.

Well, they didn’t, and dinner was a disaster. They were so tired and cranky. They barely ate and complained the whole time. They did go to bed early and easily! So there is a silver lining. 

Today wasn’t much different, so now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do with the girls in the afternoon. And I’ll have to find time to write. I have a movie on now, so I can quickly type this article. My little fingers are moving as fast as possible because I just don’t know how long I’ll have. I’m also trying to not eat my feelings from stress. That’s an old coping skill of mine that rears its ugly head when I get really overwhelmed. Some people like to yell and scream, but I get really quiet and eat everything. I’m not sure this writing-while-they’re-awake is my permanent solution 😂.

How did you ladies handle the transition to no nap? I have a feeling this will be very difficult for me. I really need a break from the toddler tantrums and screaming. I think we might need to start going to preschool more often and for longer 🙌.

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