Labor Day Weekend

Oh man it was a busy weekend! We celebrated my birthday. Hello 31! Another year, and yet I don’t feel any different. Each year sneaks up on me, and BAM. I’m one year older. I’m a bit pessimistic when it comes to birthdays. I feel like they all went down hill after 21. But as much as I don’t notice the passing year, I definitely enjoy the celebrations. Yep! It’s plural; celebrations with an “s.” 

My dad took me to my favorite restaurant. I got to throw on heels and red lip stick, which doesn’t happen very often anymore. Then we had a pool party at the Russians‘ with my mom and a bunch of friends. It was so nice to have a relaxing day of tacos, water, and sunshine. 

But now we’re totally exhausted 😂. I always find it so interesting that fun often means fatigued. I tried to plan something for this weekend, and Yev kindly told me, “Definitely not. I need a break.” So it looks like we’ll be keeping a low profile this weekend, which is an important lesson I’ve learned being married to Yev.

He has a limited capacity for social engagement. I honestly think he would consider being a hermit, if I let him. So we have a deal. He says yes to most events, and we leave whenever he’s ready. Unless, it’s my birthday, and then we leave when I’m ready (muhahaahahahha 😈).

Yev was a champ this weekend. Thank you honey for your selflessness and perseverance. We made it through the last couple of days relatively unscathed 😘.

How did you all fare this weekend?


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