The Recovery: Mom’s Night Out Part II

Oh man! The Mayan’s Premiere was fun, but I’m still exhausted. One shot of tequila and a late night might have been too much for this mama! I took yesterday off to lounge in my pajamas and watch movies with the girls, but I’m still taking it easy today. I just can’t hang anymore. Staying up late isn’t fun for me. Drinking isn’t really fun for me. Wearing heels isn’t fun for me. At least I wore sandals, so I didn’t have to deal with sore feet 😏.

But it was fun to actually put on some makeup and a pretty red dress. Sometimes I just feel like a frumpy mom in leggings and a perpetually stained t-shirt. Getting out of the house and remembering that we are women is so important for us. It was nice to eat food without having to feed someone else first. It was nice to walk around without keeping eyes on a pair of rambunctious toddlers. It was nice to just worry about me. 

I watched the Premiere of a great new show and shared a bag of popcorn with my dad. Then we crossed the street to the after party where we nursed a tequila shot on ice and gobbled up a couple of tacos. It was my first time inside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and the Roosevelt’s after party was just incredible. 

Despite the fatigue, it was a great night, a memorable night. A night I told my dad I’m happy to repeat anytime he needs a date. 

Make sure to check out Mayans MC series premiere on September 4th at 10pm on FX!

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