Enjoy Today and Leave Tomorrow Alone

Today is a day where smiling and breathing come easy. I’ve had a very rough time with my toddlers for about a year, and the closer they get to three, the more I’m loving being a mom. They’re beginning to listen a little better, which means we can do more things.

They’re finally learning that if they eat their crayons, we can’t color with them. If they rip the book to pieces, we can’t read it. If they hit each other with a toy, they can’t play with it anymore. This allows us to spend more time together without me experiencing heightened stress, and it allows for quite a bit more fun.

I can honestly say that these last few days have been really wonderful, magical even. Because of this, there is part of me that is just waiting for everything to come crashing down. It often seems that the most magical days come just before or after the horrible ones. But of course if I look for negativity, I will find it. The goal remains, as always, to be present and grateful for exactly what I have right now.

Tomorrow could be different, better, worse, but that’s tomorrow; it has no impact on today. So I would encourage you to enjoy today and leave tomorrow alone. It doesn’t come any sooner whether you want it to or not. That’s the funny thing about time. The only power we have over it is what we do with it. Choose with intention and savor the experience. 

Published by Jacqueline Pinchuk

♡ Enjoying life, one story at a time ♡ Wife to a gentle giant. Mama of four. Storyteller by trade ♡ Follow my blog to be a part of the adventure!

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