Broken Phone, Better Life?

Have you ever lost or broke your phone? It’s jarring. During The Desitin Disaster, I dropped my phone in the bathtub while taking pictures because I obviously had to document the moment. So my phone has been intermittently reliable. Which means, it doesn’t work when I really need it to, of course.

I thought that was bad, but my phone went from mostly usable to permanently frozen. I turned it off for yoga, and it wouldn’t restart. It was stuck on the apple screen. 

I’ve been texting from my computer and iPad; however, I can only communicate with iPhone users through iMessage. So all of my android etc friends are out of luck! Since we don’t have a home phone, I can only make calls when someone else is home, which is a problem when you have kids. 

Yev tried to take it in to have it diagnosed and get an estimate for fixing it. The tech guy took the phone apart, and when he put it back together, it worked. So I had a working phone, until the next yoga class. You’d think I’d learn!

Now my phone is super broken, again, and Yev has to go back to have it looked at. This has made things very inconvenient because there are some things I can only do on my phone, like post my blog on Instagram, use Venmo, make phone calls! And my iPad is too old for the required updates needed to use those apps. 

I just feel helpless, and it’s made me wonder: how did we function before phones? Because I kind of feel like my life is falling apart. 

Despite all of this, there has been a wonderful aspect. There is something freeing about being unavailable. I have more energy because I’m not constantly checking my mobile for text messages or social media updates. I’m able to buzz around doing the things I want without interruption, well besides the toddler kind of course. My phone might be leaving me alone, but my kids definitely aren’t 😜.


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