Infused with Sunshine

Have you ever tasted sunshine? I think I did today. The Russians grow their own fruits and vegetables, and the girls and I always visit the blackberry bush. Dark, ripe, multi-faceted fruit that gushes when popped in your mouth. Not a single one is sour. Each one is perfect.

I plucked one from the top today, curious why it looked so juicy under the sun’s unyielding light. It seemed to thrive in the heat. The taut skin was warm in my fingers, and I became apprehensive that a boiling berry was the last thing I wanted on a hot day. And yet it called to me, seemingly alive and pulsating with unexplored vitality.

That’s a lot for a single berry to offer, and so I accepted its gift without further question. I placed the fruit on my tongue, and I could taste the heat of the sun and the nourishment of the earth. Then I bit down, and its juiciness flooded my mouth and overwhelmed my senses.

There were a few moments where I was honestly awestruck. I did not expect to enjoy a berry that had been baking in the sun for hours, day after day, and yet somehow it was perfect. I am definitely a cold fruit kind of person, but the warmth of the day brought out its best qualities.

Sometimes I wonder if we would be happier in life if we let go of our expectations and accepted the gifts we have been given. Unsolicited, unexplored, uncomfortable gifts. Could they actually be all we’ve ever wanted?

Published by Jacqueline Pinchuk

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