Fill Yourself Up

Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like if the house was quiet during daylight hours. Can you imagine it? No screaming. No messes. Just you and a book, a meal, a favorite past-time. As much as I yearn for a few calm moments, I know I would miss the crazy as soon as it was gone.

Our children are these wonderful magical beings that we sometimes can’t live with, but we definitely can’t ever live without. It’s amazing how you would give anything to just have two minutes alone, but the second you’re away from them, you miss them.

Everyone tells me these are the best years, and I have to remind myself of this sometimes. Through the tantrums, through the poop explosions, through the sleeplessness, I wouldn’t change my life. I’m one of those people who find comfort in restoring order to chaos, and although I’m definitely in my element with kids, some days are still very difficult and I wish for a morsel of solitude.

In addition to the noise that ensues with children, sometimes I really struggle with simply being touched all day long. There always seems to be a child tugging on my dress, running over my toes, pulling on my hair, asking to be held. For someone who feels very overwhelmed by physical contact, this wears me down very quickly. It’s amazing how even if I’m not running around chasing kids, simply meeting their needs can be very exhausting.

I feel like I’m constantly stopping in the middle of tasks to fill a water cup, empty a plastic potty, wipe a nose, let the dogs outside etc etc etc. I generally wash the dishes one dish at a time, interrupted in between every single plate, cup, and bowl.

I’ve tried cleaning while the kids are sleeping, but then I am even more exhausted when they wake up. We moms need a break too. So I will usually tidy up a bit, but I try to spend some time off of my feet, or they will simply be throbbing by the end of the night.

It’s important that we take care of ourselves in simple ways. We can’t be cleaning and fixing and helping all day, go to bed, wake up, and do it all over again without putting a little time aside for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is always in the best interest of our families. We can’t give, if we have nothing left. Take the time to fill yourself up.

Published by Jacqueline Pinchuk

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