5 Ways to Cope for the Overwhelmed Mommy

I’ve found myself struggling to keep my patience with the girls these last few days, and I’ve noticed this almost always has more to do with me than them. So I’ve put together a short list of things we can do as moms to find a little respite, even if you don’t have help or money or time.

  1. Take a bath/shower and light a candle: Whenever I’ve had a rough day, taking a few minutes for myself once everyone has gone to bed is essential. Even when I feel too tired, washing off the day always restores me.
  2. Nourish yourself: During these times, I choose to place more emphasis on my own physical health than daily chores. So I will put the pile of clean clothes in the office and shut the door, so I can’t see it, while I put sleeping, eating, and drinking water at the forefront. It’s amazing what a couple of balanced meals and early nights will do to make me feel like a human being again. Then I ask Yev to help me tackle the clothes on the weekend when we can knock it out together quickly. 
  3. Order dinner and eat on paper plates: Now I’m a huge proponent of real plates and silverware not only because I think food tastes different on disposal ware, but also because I struggle to enjoy my meal when I feel like I’m damaging the environment; however, sometimes the idea of cleaning one more dish makes me want to just chuck it at someone. So, when our pizza came tonight with paper plates, I seized the opportunity and gave myself a break. It was absolutely wonderful to not have to clean anything but our children’s hands tonight.
  4. Set up a play date: My kids are so much easier when they have a friend over. They are completely occupied, and they’re a lot less interested in me. And the best part about a play date is that it comes with a friend for you too! Being able to chit chat about mom stuff is so helpful for me. It helps me feel a lot less isolated, which is what I have found the most difficult about being a stay at home mom.
  5. Find some childcare: Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we do, we just need a break! For some of us this could involve the help of family, friends, or a babysitter. But for those of you who don’t have those options, consider joining a gym or yoga studio with childcare. The most affordable option I’ve found is the YMCA. Being able to exercise and have time away from my little ones leaves me feeling light and peaceful. And sometimes when I wasn’t feeling up to exercising, I’ve even just brought my laptop and spent time writing in the common area or cafe. I also have some friends who attend various church events like MOPS that offer childcare and community.

You can’t mother anyone, if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Invest in yourself, and your entire family will benefit ❤.


Published by Jacqueline Pinchuk

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