And I’m Published!

I’m officially a published writer! Here we are, two months into blogging, and I am published. This seems pretty unfathomable to me. I’ve wanted to be a writer for pretty much my entire life, but I didn’t start seriously considering it as a profession until my early 20s. Ever since then, it was always my answer to the question, “What’s your dream job?” I would always laugh and say, “Writer in the south of France, surrounded by lavender fields.”

I never believed it would come true anytime soon, but today my dream took a step towards me, after years of a single-sided pursuit!

Despite the overwhelming fatigue and imperfect timing, now seems to be my opportunity. I have never felt such fulfillment or joy in my profession. I got pretty close as a therapist, but I struggled with self-disclosure. How much is the right amount where it continues to be about my client and not about me? It was always a difficult for me, and the professional distance inherent in therapy never sat well with me.

Ethically, I completely agree with the boundaries established between therapist and client, but I realized I wanted a different relationship with my clients. I wanted to be fully honest and offer healing through personal experience. I wanted others to feel less alone because they knew we struggled together. And this is one of the many reasons I stopped practicing.

But I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m definitely using my therapeutic skills in each and every article I write. I might talk about self-care more than any other topic, often in conjunction with how ridiculously tired I am. I also enjoy talking about boundaries, body image, shame, and forgiveness. I see the world a little differently because of my training, and I am thankful. But I am even more thankful to be able to share all of myself with my readers and to be able to lead by example.

There is no reason to struggle alone. We have been made to be in relationship with each other, and I consider myself incredibly blessed for all of the support I receive from my family and friends. I have so many cheerleaders who not only encourage me as a mother but also as a writer. I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for your love, but most importantly, thank you for having faith in me, especially when I didn’t have it in myself.

You can view my published article here.

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