Meet My Framily

I have a very close family of friends, and we refer to ourselves as the Framily, or Fram for short. We’re a ragtag group of couples who have patched together this wonderful group of diverse individuals. These are the friends we plan holidays and vacations with. Whenever we get together, it’s a lot like Friendsgiving, minus a giant turkey. We even have an extended Framily that includes all of our siblings. It’s pretty cool, and I feel really blessed to have such a wonderful group.

This has been an unparalleled source of support. There has been an ebb and flow in our friendships as our lives change and grow, as we pursue different interests, as we add our own children. But our bond has endured despite differences in religion and countless heated political debates. We have endured when it really mattered. We’ve attended each other’s weddings and family funerals and held each other through our parents’ divorces.

I have learned the importance of having a close immediate and extended family from my husband, but I have always had a close group of friends to supplement the support I may not have received from my family. And boy have I been thankful for them. Who do you hold onto when your parents divorce, and your world is ripped apart? Who do you seek comfort from when you lose a loved one, and seeing the rest of your family can be too triggering? Who do you raise your children with when your only sister is gone?

Friends can be the family we choose, and there is something powerful in this. There is no familial obligation. Friends stick around because both sides work at the relationship to make it last.

I love my Fram! If you don’t have one, trust me, you need one. You won’t be disappointed ❤.

Published by Jacqueline Pinchuk

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