Girl’s Day, Woot! Woot!

You might be asking yourself, what chocolatey goodness resides within that ramekin? The answer is L’ultime fondant chocolat, or in English, it’s basically a gluten-free chocolate soufflé. These were amazing. I ate all of mine and half of my mom’s, while she wasn’t looking. Being gluten-free can sometimes be really difficult, but these delicious cups of ambrosia remind me that God really does love me; chocolate is and always has been gluten-free. These goodies, among many others, are a hallmark of girl time. Bacon, chocolate, wine, and Girl’s Day has commenced!

I was at the Russian’s yesterday for our monthly Girl’s Day. We spend time together, chit chatting in at least three languages (Russian, English, and Ukrainian), while munching yummy food and sipping smooth wine. I look forward to this day every month. I not only appreciate the camaraderie, but we also spend time making jewelry or painting. I, personally, fall within the painting sphere.

I’ve always been a minimalist with my jewelry. I wear the same pieces every day: studs, necklace, and wedding rings. So making jewelry isn’t very appealing to me, and any time I do wear something different, my kids usually pull on it. This means I always join Yev’s cousin in painting. She likes to replicate flowers with meticulous and intricate detail. I, on the other hand, love nature scenes. There’s something about how light transforms at different times of day without the interruption of civilization.

These days help relax my mind and give me some much needed time off. Being a stay at home mom means by job is 7 days a week and just about 24 hour a day. To be able to have an afternoon off with all of the women in the Pinchuk family is amazing.

They chitchat about beading, while I sit on the couch cross-legged, with my paper pad balanced on my legs. I don’t know much about stones, so I don’t understand most of what they talk about; I’m just thankful to be able to put my wine glass on the coffee table without a little hand touching it. I would sit in silence for this simple luxury.

Not only do I get time away from toddler screaming in exchange for adult conversation, I feel incredibly relaxed while painting. I consider myself an artist because I have a creative mind that craves self-expression, but in no way does that mean I can draw a straight line or compose realistic artwork. I tend to create paintings that evoke a specific feeling, as opposed to a particular image. I’ll use a photo for reference, but my final product always ends up being very different.

I am left with such a wonderful sense of peace after days like these. It is difficult to find activities as a mom that relax our minds because even when we’re resting, our mind is still racing. Did I turn the dishwasher on? Did I put the chicken away in the fridge? Was I too strict? Too lenient?

I practice yoga often, but boy is it difficult for me to quiet my mind for a 5 minute shavasana. But there is something about focusing on art I can create with my hands that offers me a respite from the realities of life. And I can do it for hours.

I come back home feeling rejuvenated. The combination of female support, nourishment, and artistic expression restore my crazed mind a withered spirit. These days give me back a little part of myself. My children take almost all of me. I do my best to reserve a small nugget for myself, but they will claw at me to have it, not out of spite, but love. They love me so much, they want everything I have, but this simply doesn’t work. I cannot function, unless I have something for myself.

I cannot give them something I don’t have. So Yev and I work together to make sure we have time to ourselves, with our family and friends, to unwind and fill ourselves back up.

I encourage you to find the right balance between girl’s night, boy’s night, date night, and family night. You won’t regret it.


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