Toddler Talk

Having twin toddlers is rough, but their cute, little, adorable attempt at talking melts my heart. R is super verbal, and L is still working on it. Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Poopoos: Because poop obviously needs to be plural 😆
  2. Shampoop: 😂 Gets me every time
  3. Big Truch: The amalgamation of “big truck” and “church.” I have no idea why she combines these, but remember, we use this all of the time when there are loud noises.Oh gardener, big truch.”
  4. No way!: Used by R whenever she is being obstinate
  5. Whenever I say time out, she likes to wave me off and say, “I’m Ok.”
  6. I’ve also been trying to reframe time out as a moment for herself where she can calm down. So she’ll immediately stop throwing a fit, put her hands up, and say, “Calm. Calm,” to avoid timeout.
  7. Shoshay: Which somehow means “lotion.” This took me a long time to figure out, and L has her own take on it, “Sheeshee.”
  8. Seesee: This is how L says “sister”
  9. Peesee: L’s version of “princess.” Noticing a pattern yet 🧐?
  10. Whenever I’m upset, R will pat my back and tell me, “S’okay. I got you.” 😍
  11. Ba, For, Poo, Kni: L tends to only pronounce the first syllables, so the previous words read as “Bath, Fork, Spoon, and Knife.”
  12. Wadoo: This is how L says “water.” I’m not sure where the “oo” at the end came from lol
  13. Crackoo: Again with the “oo.” This means “cracker.”
  14. Knuckles for R and Knuhknuh for L: They love pounding knuckles 👊
  15. Whenever the girls find our phones, they try to take pictures of themselves while saying, “Piture. Cheeeeese.” 💕

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