Mom Shaming Makes Me Sick

I was looking through Facebook today, and I clicked on a mommy article with almost 800 comments. I always tell myself I won’t do this because it’s infuriating, but I’m also curious about current hot topics for moms. As I scrolled through the comments about #breastisbest vs. #fedisbest, I was in absolute disbelief at what moms could say to other moms. There was so much shaming on both sides. I’ve listed below the comments I found most triggering. 12 hit me pretty hard, and I almost responded to her myself.

Please comment and tell me your experience with mom shaming. We need to unite ladies. These types of comments aren’t helping us out!

  1. They have to come on here because they are lonely, bitter people in real life with few real friends. It’s hard to be a perfect person and they have to get their kicks in by judging us lesser people.
  2. –, you’re a moron.
  3. — is not a moron. don’t be rude. even the side of formula bottles and cans say breastfeeding is preferred. lol DISCLAIMER*** i know not all moms are determined enough or dont produce at all. that’s ok.
  4. Because you know better than pediatricians in the NICU. Got it. 
  5. No, she’s not. She’s just stating a truth you’re too self absorbed to acknowledge. Fed is the bare minimum you can do for your child, if you didn’t you’d lose said child, breastfeeding is the best thing for any infant. Have you looked at the ingredients in formula? Are you aware of the amount of sugar in formula? Feeding your baby commercial formula is akin to feeding your toddler McDonald’s chicken nuggets every day; no ones going to take your kid away over that choice, but we all know it’s not the best you could do.
  6. Ever notice that the parents who insist that breastfeeding is always best regardless of the health of the mother are the ones who complain that their kids are fat even though they are just newborns? babies are supposed to be fat they need fat to grow are you kidding me making sure your child is fat is better than making them starve.
  7. After all, breastfeeding is hard. So moms that do it seem like they would also be the moms that work hard at being good moms as their kids grow up. Moms that formula feed can also be amazing moms, but most shitty moms formula feed, so the average suffers.
  8. — wrong, I’m guessing you’re not a physician.
  9. Why did you let it go a week? That’s ALOT of weight to lose!!! It should have been very noticeable.
  10. Thank you, her comment was so ridiculous I decided it was not even worth my time to reply to it. 🙄
  11. Stupid analogy.
  12. LOL to all the triggered formula feeding moms who can’t accept that breastmilk is healthiest. Like, it’s science. It has nothing to do with being smarter lol it’s about their digestion, immune system, the list goes on and on…. Even if I wasn’t breastfeeding, I am aware that it is still superior, cold hard fact. If you feel guilty or inadequate or whatever, get some therapy or something. But stop spouting falsities about breastmilk and formula being the same, because they aren’t.
  13. I don’t know why people argue about breast being best. It is better. Just like eating 3 cups of spinach is better than say eating a snickers lol. It IS superior.
  14. You are a fucking moron. Sadly no amount of your precious spinach will keep your poor kids from inheriting your ignorant genes.
  15. Here’s an idea— it’s super radical— if you breastfed and have never had a thing to do with formula, maybe don’t spew your useless and wrong and harmful opinions about it to other impressionable women on the Internet?! You. Know. Nothing.
  16. Whoever that wrote that article sounds like didn’t want babies
  17. You sound sanctimonious. Or you’re a liar.
  18. Don’t be so dense.
  19. That is just scientifically absurd.
  20. And seriously? Have you ever visited the fed is best site?
  21. I tend to believe that a lot of women today say they “can’t ” breastfeed when really they don’t give it a chance. It’s sad and selfish. I could go on, and on, but you all know who you are
  22. You seem young.
  23. Then why have a fucking baby?!
  24. Ummm — do you even have kids????
  25. What, pumping was too hard for you?
  26. So F off with your condescending comment on couldn’t she have pumped.
  27. But guess what, that’s motherhood. And if you truly care abut what’s best for you children you will do whatever you need to, to give them the best start at life….If you have the ability to pump I don’t see how people don’t see that as a necessity for their baby.
  28. Wow, what a bitch.
  29. So many people making excuses. Just own up to giving your child formula because you were too lazy to give your baby the best.
  30. No need to be a total bitch.
  31. Like I said. You all are a joke. Nothing but excuses.
  32. So stfu and keep your negative opinions to yourselves. Being a mother is hard enough.
  33. “Fed is best” was created to make moms who chose to give formula, not feel so bad. 🙄
  34. — wow cunty af
  35. Truth sucks sometimes 🤷doesn’t make me a cunt, ya snowflake.
  36. They all just feel like shit for choosing not to breast feed or for not being able to do they take it out on you.
  37. Hey perfect mommy, since you’re so concerned about what goes into your children, maybe your fat ass should put down the cookies. You know all that extra weight you’re carrying, isn’t good for your unborn child, it puts them at risk for future health problems.
  38. If you had half a brain, you’d realize nobody is shaming mothers who have no other choice, especially those who have sought out donor milk and were unable to obtain any. 🙄 the problem is parents who are too lazy and uneducated to give their child the best.
  39. Otherwise stated good luck falling off your high horse, it’s going to fucking hurt.
  40. “Fed is better than dead” is what you mean. “Fed” is the minimum for survival. WHAT our babies are fed is important. Sorry that facts hurt your feelings. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  41. Hey dumb bitch what do you want people to do who don’t make enough milk?
  42. You honestly seem so dense and ignorant I really don’t see a point in attempting to change your mind.
  43. All of you are irritating as fuck. Don’t like my comment? Then scroll. All of you just look like nothing but some keyboard warriors lol. You all are jokes, as I’ve stated.
  44. Formula is for the privileged.
  45. Is there a bank for compassion? Common sense? You may want to consider a withdrawal.
  46. There are other, healthier alternatives that should be sought out before simply using chemical laden formula.
  47. Breast milk IS what’s best for babies, feeding them is necessary. I gave her formula for a few days and then worked my supply back up, I wasn’t going to settle for less than what she deserved in her nutrition.
  48. People who say that breast feeding helps PPD unless latching on is a problem need to shut it.
  49. Go back to tap dancing and shut the fuck up
  50. They won’t use donor milk because they either don’t want to put in the effort to contact someone, their egos prevent them from searching it out, or they “don’t trust milk from another woman” yet the shitty chemicals in formula are not a concern to them 🙄
  51. My best friend fed my son once! I’d rather that than a bottle of dairy filled crap.
  52. Go live your shitty life somewhere else and leave these women alone.
  53. Every baby deserves to be breastfed. It’s just sad to see so many excuses as to why a mother wouldn’t want to give her baby the best. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  54. There are a fair amount of idiots breeding, unfortunately.

BONUS Here’s my favorite positive comment: Louder for the people in the back!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻Boob, bottle… whatever. Is the kid eating? Gold star! You’re doing great 

If you’re interested in reading more posts on this topic, check out The Good & the Bad of the Breastfeeding Movement and Breast is Not Always Best.

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