Superhuman Mombilities

All right ladies, let’s talk about our superhuman mombilities. That’s right, mombilities. Every single one of us is a super hero. We actually have abnormally heightened senses, and I’ve listed mine below.


Listening while sleeping: I always try to nap when my kids are napping. It hasn’t been happening a lot lately, but when it does, I have the ability to adjust my hearing radar while sleeping. The twins often wake up and play in their room for a little before I go in, give them water cups, and change their diapers etc. So I’ve trained myself to only wake up once Baby V wakes up. The girls can slam the closet doors, shriek with laughter, throw books at the wall, and I won’t wake up! I somehow have awareness that the twins are awake, but no one is in peril. And I can choose to keep sleeping, until V wakes up. It’s nuts. 

Recognizing actions by sound: I can tell you what my twins are doing, without even looking at them, at all times. I know when they need to go potty by the pitter patter of their feet and the way they bang the bathroom door. I can tell if they’re coloring, playing with dolls, trying to put on shoes, chasing each other, sneaking out of timeout, getting into trouble. HINT: Getting into trouble sounds exactly like this – A couple minutes of silence punctuated by giggling. This is always going to end poorly. And I can be in the bathroom and know when it’s time to run out with my pants around my ankles. HINT: Clanking is always an ominous sign. There should be nothing that clanks because only metal and glass make this sound. Coupled with two year old toddler twins, this is bad, very bad.


Built-in therMOMeter: I can literally just hug my girls and estimate a pretty accurate temperature without a thermometer. I know when a cool bath will be enough and when I need to bust out the Motrin. 


Poop detector: I can smell poop anywhere. I can walk by the twins’ room in the morning and know before entering if there will be poop to reckon with. I can be in the kitchen while the girls are in the backyard with my mom, and I can tell if she forgot to change their diapers after naptime. Although it’s not fun to smell poop all of the time, you always want to know about it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Soured formula: Before I pick baby V up, I know if I need to clean her neck or not. Formula often spills down while feeding and becomes trapped in her neck folds. I can smell the formula even before it has time to irritate her skin. This is super important for my kids because they have very sensitive skin, and I always try to mitigate issues before they become major problems.


Analyzing facial expressions: The face says it all. I can tell if my kids are faking injury, acting guilty, or actually innocent. I can tell you that innocence is the rarest occurrence in the Pinchuk household. I have very mischievous girls. Thanks family! They didn’t get it from me….

Eyes in the back of my head: To be honest, I use my eyesight very little. I rely on my other senses to assess the situation because I’m always multitasking – cooking, cleaning, chopping. Trust me, you want your eyes on the piece of fruit in front of you because your ears can’t protect against a chopped off finger. So I’ll be in the kitchen making lunch, hollering at L to stop pushing her sister and at R for leaving timeout early, without even twitching my eyes in their direction. Oh ya. Mom power.


Let’s be honest, moms never get to use this sense because we never have time to eat…. Unless we wanna talk about wine because wine tastes better now than it ever did before 😍.


Mama’s Instincts: This is by far my most used sense, and it I helps me have a feel for my kids’ needs. I almost always know when they are ready to transition to a new developmental stage or when we need to hold off on making changes, such as sleep training or potty training. I not only have a feel for where my children are at but also the family as a whole. Are we stable enough to rock homeostasis a little bit and implement a new strategy to grow, or do we need more time? Because we all need to be on board. I almost always seem to know how to prep, implement, and follow through with developmentally appropriate changes, and I have no idea why. I just know.  

These are my superhuman mombilities! What are yours?


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