The Ebb & Flow of Motherhood

Yesterday was a better day than the one before. Sometimes days like The Duct Tape Debacle linger, and it corrupts our hope for tomorrow, like a plague infecting the soil and future crops to come. But those who overcome adversity build immunity, and I am stronger because I suffered and survived.

Yesterday I loved being a stay at home mom. I hugged R when the “big truck” scared her, and I kissed L’s knee when she fell. And I was really thankful I could be home to do this.

It is amazing how one day can be horrific and the next lovely. One day I am yearning for preschool and the next I have gratitude for our time at home. These are the ebbs and flows of motherhood that make us love and hate our lives. They offer contrast, and this creates gratitude.

I am blessed to have few difficult days, but when I do, I am exceptionally broken and thoroughly undone. I tend to thrive within chaos, living within the eye of the storm, but one misstep and the hurricane will swoop me up and knock me around ceaselessly.

Despite the struggle, these experiences give me perspective and appreciation for the wonderful days. Days where smiles flow freely and giggles are contagious. Days where the wonder and awe of a child are the only lenses with which I wish to see the world.

Yesterday was this day, and I am grateful. I wonder what today will bring.

Published by Jacqueline Pinchuk

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