Super Mom

Every Saturday morning I meet my dad for yoga and breakfast. He’s very busy during the week, and Saturday morning has become our family time. My brother often joins us for breakfast, but first, we do yoga.

We take an early morning class, to which we must arrive 15 minutes early because it’s packed. Our first time going, I saw this pregnant woman who looked like she was in her third trimester. I was so impressed with her! For my pregnancies, I had trouble simply sitting on the couch. How the heck was this woman taking a level 2 yoga class?

I would secretly take peeks at her in class to see how she managed all the poses with her growing belly, wistfully wishing I could emulate her in my next pregnancy. She had so much grace, finesse, and strength, I couldn’t imagine being more in awe of a fellow mom. Until I saw her unloading her car one day. She pulled two kids and a baby out of her minivan and marched them to the yoga day care. And let me remind you. She always arrives early to get her spot. I did not know how this very pregnant mom could get herself and her kids ready in time for early morning yoga. 

So I’ve been watching this mom faithfully attend Saturday morning yoga for 8 weeks, with three and a half children in tow. I kept wondering how much longer she could continue practicing yoga, and each week she surprised me yet again by showing up! I kept wishing I could tell her how amazing I thought she was, but I always felt overwhelmingly shy. The pressure would build each week because I wanted to tell her before she delivered. Who knew when she’d be back?

Well today I did it!

We ended up in the bathroom at the same time, as girls often do. I was at the sink, and she had just walked in. I decided to just go for it.

I spoke the next words so quickly, I’m surprised she understood me. “I just have to tell you I think you’re amazing for coming to yoga each week, early in the morning, with three kids, and one on the way.”

She smiled back at me, “Well thank you. That is so nice to hear.”

“I honestly think you’re supermom, and we moms need to be reminded about how great we are.”

Her grin widened, “I definitely needed to hear that today.”

We chit chatted for a few minutes about our kids and exchanged names. It was such a simple act, but I could tell I had brightened her day. And I was so proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone to offer her a compliment. 

I think it’s important that we moms continue to lift each other up. Motherhood is hard, and we forget in our darkest moments just how wonderful and inspiring we can be. I wonder how her day would have changed if I had kept my compliment to myself. I know our interaction changed my day. Overcoming my shyness made me feel really proud of myself, and it created a warmth of confidence that still radiates within me. Namaste.

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