Pregnancy Round 2

I found out I was pregnant the day before my husband’s 30th birthday, March 31st. We’d been trying for a few months; each month’s period bringing a depressing reminder that most people can’t have unprotected sex just once and get pregnant with twins. It was really odd for me to be trying for more kids. The twins were definitely a surprise; although initially terrifying, they were a welcome surprise. So after a few months of trying for our third child, I realized this wasn’t going to be as easy as last time; it was amazing how quickly something that should be exciting began to feel much more like failing. So we stopped trying and just kind of decided, it’ll happen when it happens.

With the pressure off, I actually became pregnant quite quickly after that, and I was just in time too. My two other friends were also pregnant, and I did not want to be left out! (AND I wanted to have my next child within one calendar year to get the benefit of meeting my out-of-pocket only once. After having two kids in January, you begin to wonder why you couldn’t have had them a few weeks earlier…)  My whole experience with the twins was very lonely, and I desperately wanted to experience pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood with my friends.

From the very beginning, this pregnancy was completely different. I finally had mom friends! I had two other children to care for while I was pregnant. My nausea started around week 5 but didn’t really ramp up until week 7. I still had to go on Zofran to prevent vomiting, but I was relatively functional with the medication. Last time the medicine prevented hospitalization, and I was definitely not functioning then in any capacity. My nausea lasted until 5.5 months, just like last time, but I was able to taper off Zofran after that, where last time I was taking it even after I delivered.

My food cravings and aversions were very different too. This pregnancy was all about salami (which I couldn’t eat. Did you know salami counts as deli meat???), donuts, and cereal. In-n-Out and pizza grossed me out. All I wanted all the time were antipasto salads, old fashioned doughnuts, and frosted mini wheats. And I liked sweet fruit but not sour.

When they say every pregnancy is different, they are actually telling the truth! I wasn’t in nearly as much pain. I would collapse every once in a while when my sciatic would flair up, but no big deal! I could put on my own pants; I could walk up stairs; I was basically a normal, functioning human being. 

Everything about this pregnancy was way easier, and thankfully, so was the c-section

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Round 2

  1. Did you know all cheeses in CA must be pasteurized and if you were eating deli meat or sushi before you were pregnant, then you’re clear for moderate consumption? Yeah… Learned that after the 2nd pregnancy. I still had coffee with both. ☕


    1. I knew that most cheeses sold here are pasteurized. But I’m totally a cheese snob, and I’ll buy expensive foreign cheese from France lol. I had to be careful of the imported stuff while I was pregnant. And I totally ate sushi sporadically. My OB said that restaurants have to flash freeze all the fish sold in sushi restaurants, so as long as they were adhering to legal guidelines, then I was fine. And I got the OK to eat salami occasionally. After I delivered, I literally had THREE costco size salami packages before leaving the hospital. I still eat a disproportionate amount of salami now 😂😍.

      I’m actually eating salami right now 🙄🤣…


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